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She promised him Forever
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I'm collecting points to keep my group EverythingEerie and . or Stay--Forever as a Super Group next year. So just slowly collecting for when our year is up =D

This can only happen with help! If you could donate something that would be awesome!!!

Everyone who donates something will be featured in my journal and the group’s blog. The more points donated the longer you’re featured!


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Stock Rules

My stock rules are pretty much just the general rules.

:bulletblue: Credit me.
:bulletblue: Notify me.
:bulletblue: Send me a link.
:bulletblue: Have a link to my page or stock.
:bulletblue: Keep it PG (e.g.: no porn or else :fork: - =D)
:bulletblue: And be creative! =D

My Doctor Who Fanfictions

DW- Rose stamp by Noe-Izumi :thumb261211172: 10th Doctor by Gilligan-Stamps

:bulletblue: A Life with Rose -…
What if Rose wasn't stuck on the parallel universe? What if she got to spend the Rest of her life with the Doctor? How much would it really change her life? A rewrite of Season 3 to include Rose.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Martha, Jack, the Master and anyone else you see in Season 3.

:bulletblue: Through the Stars -…
A rewrite of Season 4 to include Rose. Sequel to 'A Life with Rose'. Rose and the Doctor continue their journey through the stars… But it seems the universe has a message for the new couple and their friend Donna.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Donna, Martha and anyone else you see in Season 4. Also hints of my OC Aria.

:bulletblue: The Invisible Rose -…
After an accident, Rose wakes up on the TARDIS. But no one can see her. Is she a ghost? An echo? Or something else entirely? And how can she get back to normal, when the Doctor doesn't even know she's home?
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Martha, Donna, the Master and anyone else who is in seasons 3 and 4.

:bulletblue: Recovering Memories -…
John Smith is startled when the girl he had only ever seen in his dreams stumbles into his life. But she has no memory. She only knows three things: Rose. Doctor. Bad Wolf. And that she loves him more than anything... But they've never met before!
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Martha, TARDIS and the rest of the 'Human Nature' / 'Family of Blood' cast.

:bulletblue: Unnoticed -…
Rose feels strange. And it all started after their adventure to New Earth. Why doesn't the Doctor seem to notice that something is wrong? And why does it seem that they are stuck so far apart, when they are right next to each other?
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Hame, Martha, the Face of Boe, Jackie and Mickey.

:bulletblue: Lithium -…
When the Doctor disappears, Martha stumbles upon someone who can help her find him. His past regeneration. But when they do find him, only one person can help him. And they have no idea where she is. Can they find Rose Tyler before the Doctor is killed?
Staring: Rose, 10th Doctor, Martha, 5th Doctor, Jack, Jackie, and other Torchwood and Time Lord High Council members.

:bulletblue: Footseps -…
When Rose discovers the strange ability to step through Time, Planets and Universes she begins a rather frustrating search for the Doctor. If she can't get his help then she will never be able to stay still. But it seems she can never quite reach him.
Staring: Rose, 10th Doctor, 9th Doctor, Doctors' 1 - 8, Jack, Martha, Donna, Jenny, the Master, Jackie, River Song and various other companions.

:bulletblue: A Familiar Face -…
When Rose runs into the 9th Doctor in the Parallel universe, she might just have her ticket home. Can she win him over? And is he really who she thinks he is?
Staring: 9th Doctor, 10th Doctor, Rose. If I continue, it may also star Donna.

:bulletblue: History Repeats -…
After a year of being close to death in the parallel universe, the TARDIS brings Rose's consciousness back to the first time she set foot in the TARDIS. She's given the chance to save lives and stop Canary Warf. But can she do it... or will she fall apart? (A rewrite of Seasons 1 and 2 where Rose knows what's going to happen)
Staring: Rose, 9th Doctor, 10th Doctor, Mickey, Jackie, TARDIS... and pretty much everyone else that you see in the first two seasons.

:bulletblue: Confusion -…
Rose is constantly confused. Something happened to her and now she can hardly hold a though for a minute. But she can still remember a man with brown hair and eyes and a pinstripe suit. She knows that he has the answers… if only she could find him.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Sarah Jane Smith, Mickey, Martha, Jack, the Master, Tom Milligan and OC's: Jack Mickey and Gallifreya Tyler.

:bulletblue: Forgotten Past -…
The Doctor starts opening up to Rose. He tells her fondly of his childhood and the girl who had stolen his hearts. How is it that Rose ISN'T jealous? And why is the Doctor so worried about her Dad's old pocket watch? The answers may tear her life apart.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Jackie, Pete and Mickey.

:bulletblue: Homework and Memories -…
Rose thinks that it's funny the Doctor's alias is 'John Smith' she used to have a friend called John Smith who used to help her with her homework... She starts to get scared when other memories begin to surface.

:bulletblue: Giving in to Temptation -…
The Doctor is dying to know if Rose truly does love him. And with her diary just sitting there, tempting him… But opening it might give him more than what he was bargaining for.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose.

:bulletblue: Seeing Truths -…
A Doctor Who / Being Human crossover. When Rose gets a call from Jack, the Doctor and the old team head to Cardiff to investigate the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre. But there are far too many secrets here, and they're all about to come out.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, Jack, Donna, Annie, Mitch, George, Nina and others.

:bulletblue: Greatest Desire -…
When they miss their destination by a coupe of cities Rose and The Doctor find themselves having even more fun. But something's wrong. People are acting on their greatest desires, consequences be damned. And soon they will be swept up in the middle of it.
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose.

:bulletblue: Twice The Love -…
When a VERY strange yet familiar teenage girl walks into The Doctors life, everything is turned upside down. Everything he thought he knew was wrong. And he is about to get some of the BIGEST shocks of his life!
Staring: 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, Rose, Jack, Doctor Metacrisis and OC's: Aria, Luka, Emory and Koda.

:bulletblue: Gaps -…
Rose keeps waking up in strange places with huge gaps in her memories. She’s too scared to tell her husband what’s happening. And she just knows that on the other side of the Void, something bad is going to happen to the Time Lord Doctor.
Staring: Metacrisis, Rose, 10th Doctor, Paralell Jack, Wilf, and a few other recognisable characters.

:bulletblue: Just a Dream -…
The Doctor wakes from an alien induced coma to find that he had only dreamt the last five years of his life had happened. Now Rose is safe by his side and they are travelling the universe again… But was it really just a dream?
Staring: 10th Doctor, Rose, 11, Jenny, and many, many familiar faces from Season 2+

:bulletblue: Writing but not Posted:

Travel to the Beginning - Companion piece to 'Greatest Desire' and 'Twice the Love'. Aria's story.

A Life Apart - Companion piece to 'Greatest Desire', 'Twice the Love' and 'Travel to the Beginning'. Rose's story.

Death to Life - When Rose dies in the parallel universe, the TARDIS brings her home.

Saving Mummy - Rose is back... and so are the Sycorax. And Martha finds a strange little girl who is desperate to find the Doctor.

Forgetting what's Lost - The Doctor wakes up in the TARDIS. But something is wrong. Where’s Rose? And who the hell is Donna?

Careless - Desperation makes you careless. And when the Doctor finds out that Rose is dying, becomes desperate to save her. Even risking using one of the most dangerous tools in the universe to go back in time to when it all started going wrong.

Make Him Say It - Rose sees a familiar figure, but he’s different. Darker… And he just told her he loves her. She becomes determined to get her Doctor to say it before it’s too late.

A World Without - The Doctor takes Rose to a place called Shan Shen, where she meets a strange fortune teller. She gets taken back in time and forced not to meet the Doctor. Now he has to save her, before she dies in her vision, and the world in her head becomes a reality.

The Video - Mickey and Jackie left one last present for Rose. Rose and the Doctor are almost shocked to see a years worth of footage of themselves... Were they really like that?!

Toph and the Angels of Stone - (Doctor Who / Avatar: Last Airbender crossover) When Rose jumped from the wrong time, to a different universe, she didn't know that she had been followed by Weeping Angels. She runs into a gang of ragtag kids trying to save the world. But their friend Toph has gone missing.
The Doctor and Martha crash in a different universe. But the Weeping Angels are here too. Can they help their new friend, Toph, get back to her group before this comet comes?

:thumb282601348: The Stuff Of Legends  - Stamp by LilyLunaPotter DW Doctor + Rose hug Stamp by TwilightProwler

A Long Time

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 16, 2014, 9:38 PM

So, it's been a VERY long time since I've posted anything, or even updated my journal.
I come on here a few times a week instead of every day now.

I would like to let you all know that I AM still doing art, just not as much. And I DO still intend to do stock photos.
My main issue with stock photo's is that my photographer is my mother. And I moved out of home a year and a half ago. So, what with being separate and working all the time, it's a little hard to find time to do it.
But I promise that I WILL. I really want to, and I really miss it.

Here's hoping I can get some done soon.


Kyla Andersen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
My name is Kyla. But I'm also known as Hatter or Krazy Kyla!!! =D

I LOVE art. I do a lot of different kinds. My favourite is Photo manipulation. Then sketching with 6B and occasionally I add colour.
Photography is next along with designing costumes for stock.
I also paint (though not very well) and draw with chalk pastels (much better). And very occasionally I sculpt koru designs. =D
My Mum, Aunty and Friend do photography as well. So most of the time I’m actually the one in front of the camera. Majority of the pictures I put up will be of me. =D
Or Lara OR my TOTALLY ADORBLE little cousins. =D
I am a depressive poet so when I’m upset I’ll post what I write. But apparently I have an amazing imagination (so says my mum, everyone else in my family including extended, most of my friends and a few complete strangers) and I write fantasy stories. Novel length not short. Occasionally I get inspired to write fan fiction where I write so close to the author’s style you would thing that they wrote it (direct quote from Matildah – a girl who is an even bigger book worm than me!). And yes I am a HUGE book worm! I only really read fantasy though.
And last but not least I am a total Drama Geek. I can quote majority of Shakespeare and many other plays. My least favourite character is Juliet and that’s even over Tybalt who I cant stand =D So I can put up some of my costumes.
Why not add that I live with my mum, her boyfriend and his two annoying sons. I love my nana. And I’ve never meet my dad. I have four adorable cousins who are 7, 6, 5 and 5.

So there’s my almost life story. And now you know a little bit about me!

I'm writing a Les Mis fic. I need a first name for Enjolras. What should I use? 

8 deviants said Léon (Lion)
5 deviants said René (Born again)
3 deviants said Amaury (Work, Labour / Power)
3 deviants said Sébastien (Revered)




:iconstay--forever: :iconeverythingeerie: :iconsilver--blood:

My 10 Most Favourite-ed Pieces

Here are the 10 pieces people love most from my gallery!

Jungle Princess 13 by ky-sta Goddess of Time by ky-sta The Hanging Tree by ky-sta Unexpected by ky-sta Tainted by ky-sta Sacrifice by ky-sta Forever Won't Be by ky-sta The Graeae by ky-sta Spirit of the Wolf by ky-sta Stay With Me by ky-sta


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